Self drilling hollow anchor bar system is composed of a fully threaded steel bar together with many other accessories. This system can be drilled into rock or collapsing soils without a casing and the grouting can be done simultaneously. Due to this feature the denseness of the grouts is greatly improved and it saves much time, materials and labors. Drilling is only the beginning of the self drilling hollow anchor bar, safe support is the core value. High homogeneous elongation ability can bear large deformation of surrounding rock without failure. High strength reserve coefficient provides ample safety coefficient for projects.


Sinorock self drilling hollow anchor bar is composed of anchor rod, alloy head, anchor coupling, arch plate, grouting stopper, hex nut and steel drill bit. No matter what a kind of rock mass and ground condition it is, the operation principle is easy and similar. Sinorock is an international market-oriented manufacturer, supplying high quality self drilling rock tools , SDA bolt and excellent service. Thanks to reliable quality, competitive prices, professional and valuable services Sinorock has become one of the most popular rock bolt supplier in the market.

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