Nike shoes could be a breakthrough

Nike’s nike vapormax flyknit latest high-end running shoe, the Zoom Vaporfly 4%, lives up to its name, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Colorado.

Researchers at CU’s Locomotion Lab in Boulder found that the shoe reduced the energetic cost of running by an average of 4 percent during treadmill tests.

Four percent in energy savings might not sound like a big deal. But for elite runners, who nike free are trying to shave mere fractions of a percent off of their running times in pursuit of the two-hour marathon barrier, it could be a breakthrough, the researchers said.

“If you look at how the world record in marathon evolved over the last years, over 30 years we got 3 percent faster,” said Wouter Hoogkamer, a postdoctoral researcher who led the study at the Locomotion Lab. “And all of a sudden you have a shoe that gives you 4 percent energy savings.”

The shoes nike womens shoes themselves aren’t a radical departure from what running companies have created over the years: they have a carbon fiber plate (Kram noted that other brands have used plates in the past, and that spiked track shoes often have a plate) and a cushy foam midsole. “It’s a combination of existing technologies put together in an ambitious way,” Hoogkamer said.

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