Scott Atherton said everyone may be a bit naive about Alonso's impact on the 24-hour race in Daytona like India's 500. However, he still hopes Fernando Alonso can bring some popularity improvements to this year's race by virtue of his accumulated popularity in F1. This year's Pre-season Test Tournament is a good example because of Alonso's participation and attention to Forza 7 Credits this There are more and more people in events.


"It is undeniable that Alonso is a very influential driver in the Formula One race and last year he participated in the indy500 race to bring global attention to North American racing but we are not naively convinced that Daytona But also to confirm that the arrival of Alonso will certainly bring some improvement to the popularity of the game. "Atherton that Daytona 24-hour Alonso is to show you his racing talent stage. This Daytona 24-hour race is the most powerful line-up, with many high-profile drivers in addition to Alonso.

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