Warriors coach Steve Cole revealed in an interview that NBA Live Coins the current Kevin Kevin Durant team has improved and will be included in tomorrow's (11 January) against the Clippers may appear in the big list He is expected to come back again.

Durant was injured in the Mavericks battle on January 4, then the team announced durant right calf strain, he therefore truce the last three games, but today Durant conducted a slight Training, did not appear any discomfort.

"He (Durant) is in a much better shape," Cole said when talking about Durant's situation. "He is part of all the team's training today. Today's training is lightweight, focused or mental He is doing very well and is likely to come back tomorrow to the Clippers.

"He did not come back yesterday because he's not fully recovered yet and he did not feel good shooting yesterday morning so we could not risk playing him." Cole continued, "but today he's in a much better shape, I I think he can play tomorrow, but we'll see how he can make decisions when he shoots. "

During the three games in the absence of Durant, the Warriors won the war three games, averaging over 13 points per game. It is worth mentioning that, Durant career scoring has reached 19975 points, if tomorrow (January 11) against the Clippers comeback, Durant only need to get 25 points, career total score will be able to reach 20,000 points, Become the 44th in the history of the league to achieve such a result, will overtake Bryant in terms of age and appearances.

Kobe Bryant finished his 200m feat on the day he was 134 years old and 134 days. Durant, born on September 29, 1988, is back in the game tomorrow and gets 25 points in the game, when Durant is on his own 29-year-old 104 days of this day, beyond Bryant became the second youngest in the history of NBA 200000000 Mr, the first is naturally James, which only 28 years and 7 days to complete the initiative.

In appearances, if Durant comeback and get 25 points, then he NBA Live Mobile Account participated in a total of 737 games, get 200 million points, but also be able to surpass Bryant's appearances, Bryant spent 811 games to get only 20 million, but James completed this achievement in only 726 games. Historically, 200 million points in the flower field is the smallest Chamberlain, with only 499 games to complete the initiative, came in second place is Michael - Jordan, he used 620 games.

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