While some Steelers players do have plans to travel, the wide range of bad weather throughout the United States can have an impact on their travel.Williams said: "I intend to watch the game this weekend, let others go out to fight the weather, this is our rest by their own efforts to Madden Coins take the opportunity, I have to take a good grasp."

The second round of the NFL playoffs round of the card round at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the No. 6 seed to challenge the National League West End champion Los Angeles Rams. Although the Falcons set the playoffs this season in the final game, but as the 52nd Super Bowl runner-up, the strength can not be underestimated. The ram's No. 1 quarterback Jared Gough played well this season out of the playoffs for the West Coast overlord Seattle Seahawks and beat the Seahawks by 42: 7 in the 15th week , Proclaimed the founding of the new supremacy of the League of nations in the western region.

However, the Rams, who have not been to the playoffs since 2004, have not had the experience of last year's Super Bowl runner-up Falcons. Eventually the Falcons beat the Rams at 26:13 at the Rams, qualifying for the next round. Rams quarterback Jared - Goff 45 pass 24, 259 yards, 1 touchdown. Falcons quarterback Matt - Ryan 30 pass 21, 218 yards, 1 touchdown.


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